Vexus' Nanobot is a character in My Life as a Teenage Robot. It is a small robot that Queen Vexus used to infect Jenny and transform her into a huge, brute-like robot under her control.


Jenny as a monster

Thanks to XJ-1, Jenny was able to lure the nanobot out of her stomach and she threatened to end his life if Queen Vexus refused to stand down. So Vexus agreed and she took back the nanobot.


It is sent by Vexus to infect Jenny and attack Trembleton, However, it was stopped Jenny thanks to XJ-1 and she threatened the end it's life if Queen Vexus refused to stand down and Vexus agreed to take back the nanobot.

Physical appearance

It is small and orangish with yellow eyes, black limbs and a brownish mouth.


It is very small but dangerous and is very evil.


Jenny Wakeman

It infected Jenny and transformed her into a monster, scaring the people

Nora Wakeman

Nora looked at it and she sees it's very dangerous and Nora helped Jenny get rid of the nanobot.

Queen Vexus



Coming soon!

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