Vexus' Nanobot is a character in My Life as a Teenage Robot. It only appeared once in Hostile Makeover. It is a small robot that Queen Vexus used to infect Jenny and transform her into a huge, brute-like robot under her control. It is voiced by Audrey Wasilewski.


Jenny as a monster, fully infected by the nanobot’s control.

Physical Appearance

The nanobot is small and orangish with yellow eyes, black limbs and a brownish fanged mouth. It resembles a mechanized insect or tick-like parasite.


It is sent by Vexus to infect Jenny, causing her to transform into a Neanderthal-like monster and attack Tremorton. However, its influence on Jenny was stopped by Tuck and Dr. Wakeman. Once removed from her insides, Jenny threatened to destroy the nanobot if Queen Vexus refused to stand down, and Vexus agreed to surrender and take it back.

The nanobot is very small, but dangerous, acting like a virus as it enters Jenny and takes over her robotic body. It can drastically effect Jenny by altering her personality, emotions, and physical appearance.

The nanobot is dependent on Vexus, referring to her as its "mama", and Vexus is very protective of it, making sure it was not harmed by Jenny when it was threatened.