Voyage to the Planet of the Bikers is the first half of episode 12 of season 3 of My Life as a Teenage Robot.


While Tuck is riding his tricycle, some bullies start to pick on him. He decides to learn how to ride a two-wheeler, but fails. Meanwhile, Jenny is fighting the Space Bikers in town yet again. Unfortunately for Jenny, it ends in her getting reconstructed into a bike by Letta and her gang, making it so she can't revert back to her normal form. Tuck witnesses this, and Jenny tells Tuck that in order to chase down the Space Bikers, he needs to get on her to work the throttle. Tuck is still nervous about bike riding and insists that he needs training wheels on her first, so he puts them on her.

After Jenny and Tuck chase the Space Bikers for a while, the bikers outrun them and blast off into space. Jenny says that in order to confront the Bikers and get Letta to restore her to normal, they must go to the Planet of the Bikers. Horrified at the thought, Tuck has a scary abstract nightmare, picturing the Planet of the Bikers to be is full of terrifying, monstrous alien bikers who chase and torment him.

When Jenny goes to pick out a spaceship in her mother’s garage to follow the bikers, she initially picks a high-tech battleship, but Tuck deems it too scary and makes her take a ladybug ship for old ladies (that Ms. Wakeman takes for picnics on the Moon). Jenny, understanding his fear, reluctantly agrees to take the ladybug ship.

Once Jenny and Tuck reach the Space Bikers' planet, to their utmost surprise, they find it to be inhabited by nice, peaceful fishlike people and pastel colors. They soon locate the Bikers and see that they are all school administrators. They assume that this is a disguise, but when confronting Letta, the principal of the school, she explains that this is indeed their normal jobs, and that they secretly don their villainous Space Biker personas to let off steam occasionally. Jenny threatens to tell the people of their planet about their secret life as villains, but Letta laughs and claims that nobody on the planet will believe her. Tuck then claims he will tell the villains that they are actually school administrators, and takes a picture of them in their school attire for proof. The Bikers, fearing that their secret will be blown and they will be a laughingstock among villains, unwisely get into costume and chase Jenny and Tuck around to stop them from sending out the photo via satellite. As a result, everyone on their planet sees the Bikers for who they truly are. The Space Bikers are shunned from their planet for their evil ways, as nobody wants their children to be schooled by villainous bikers.

To prevent evidence of them being cheery and pastel schoolteachers from getting to their villain friends, Letta and her gang turn Jenny back to normal, and she and Tuck return to Earth. After using Jenny as a bike and realizing that the training wheels had fallen off during the chase with the Space Bikers, Tuck realizes that he can now not only ride a two-wheeler, but an actual space motorcycle. He rubs it in the bullies’ shocked faces as he uses Jenny as his bike, and they both laugh and blast away into the distance.


  • The title is a reference to the story and accompanying film Journey to the Center of the Earth.