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The Wakeman residence is the home to Jenny, Nora, and the XJ sisters. It is a large dark gray mansion that stands out over the smaller houses of Tremorton.


Jenny's room

Sweet privacy

Jenny's base of operations, located on the top floor with a huge window overlooking the neighborhood. It is filled to the brim with computers and other electrical devices for monitoring threats that Jenny takes care of (or ignores), as well as basic amenities to make it a proper teenage bedroom. Her room is usually in a state of disarray, much to Nora's displeasement.

Brad and Tuck often visit Jenny here by entering through her window.

Nora's office

A place for Nora to invent and conduct research. Much like other rooms in the house, it's filled with clutter, although here it has more odd stuff like a jar of brains and a dismantled XJ-5. There's also a computer for communicating with Jenny, a Holo Chamber, and the Random Threat Indicator.

A giant observatory-style telescope was also present in Designing Women.

The basement

A semi-typical basement filled with clutter that also functions as the laundry room.


Hidden behind the staircase is an old, probably forgotten, storage room where all the past XJ prototypes were deactivated and locked away.


Even deeper within the basement is a Secret Underground Vault filled with Nora's past inventions. Getting inside is a challenging ordeal as the entryway is riddled with lethal booby traps.

Presumably after the events of Sibling Tsunami, the XJ sisters were relocated here to make sure they don't get out again. This was further evidenced in Escape from Cluster Prime, where they were sealed in blister packaging for good measure.

The backyard

Often where Jenny practices combat skills with her mother. Also out back is a luscious garden tended by Nora, and on several occasions, a swimming pool.

There was once a tiny dilapidated shed that Jenny eventually claimed as her own home; with a bit of carpentry work done she managed to expand the shed into a full-sized bachelorette pad with non-stop parties. Said parties led to the shed's eventual demise.



Nothing left.



  • The house's mailbox is shaped like an old race car.
  • A tree overlooking Jenny's bedroom had a ladder installed by Brad for easier access.
  • There's a closet that Nora loaned to Tuck for fireworks storage. Predictably, this led to severe structural damage.
  • The house has some form of a built-in security system, as a mainframe uplink port managed to reject Jenny's coaxial cable and replace itself with an electrical outlet.
  • In Party Machine, it is noted that small aliens always land in a spot within the house and is the reason why Nora bought it.
  • Despite several fireplaces being found inside, no actual chimneys are visible on the outside.