Wisteria Wakeman

Physical Information

Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Human (with the ability to rise plants)
Eye color Onyx
Hair color Red
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Lala Land
Occupation Nature lover
Nicknames The Flower Child (formerly)
Likes Peace, Yoga, Plants, Astronomy
Dislikes Science

Relationship information

Love interests {{{relationships}}}
Family Nora Wakeman (sister)

Glenn Wakeman (created son) XJ-9 (robotic niece)

Friends Nora Wakeman (usually)

XJ-9 (probably)

Enemies Nora Wakeman and XJ-9 (formerly)

Production information

First appearance Never Say Uncle
Last appearance Never Say Uncle
Voiced by: Candi Milo

Wisteria Wakeman is Noreen "Nora" Wakeman's sister. While Wisteria was more in to plants and had plant powers, Nora was into Science. Nora called her sister "The Flower Child". Wisteria like Nora had made her own child using her talents. While Jenny is a robot, Glenn Wakeman, Wisteria's son is a plant monster. Wisteria appears in "Never Say Uncle".

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