Prototype Model Unit XJ-1
XJ-1 2

Physical Information

Age 1 (mentally, and physically actually older than because she was created before her)
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye color Two bulbs-shaped eyes.
Hair color Appearance 1: An egg-shaped robot that is made with glass.
Two bulbs-shaped eyes.
She is a light blue robot.
A tooth in the mouth.
Blue cheeks.
In the head has two antennae with small white circle.
A white diaper with a blue brooch.
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Superheroine
Nicknames Appearance 2: She is smallest and youngest of the XJ-Sisters and basically a baby robot. She can neither talk nor fight and she is easily frightened by most villains she comes face to face. She expresses this fear by crying and developing an oil leak.
Likes The XJ-Sisters, fighting against villains
Dislikes Villains

Relationship information

Love interests Personality: She is startled easily, but she is clean, cute, beautiful, crybaby, happy and really sweet.
Family XJ-2
Friends Jenny
Enemies Dr. Locus

Production information

First appearance Sibling Tsunami
Last appearance Turncoats
Voiced by: Janice Kawaye

XJ-1 crying on Jenny.

Prototype Model Unit XJ-1 is the first one of the XJ-Sisters. She is the youngest in the family, being only one year old, and she is a simple machine shaped like an egg. She was not programed with the function to speak, but communicates by beeps and whistles. She gets startled easily, and when she is scared, she will leak oil out of her eyes. Her power is that she can barf grease. When her body is broken in two pieces, she releases a substance similar to a yolk. Due to her messy behavior, XJ-4 is constantly following her baby sister and cleaning up her messes. XJ-1 is the smallest out of the XJs. She is cute, crybabyish and happy.

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