Prototype Model Unit XJ-2
X-J 2

Physical Information

Age Unknown (Older than XJ-9)
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye color Black
Hair color None
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Superhero/crime fighter (When awake)
Nicknames None
Likes Helping people, saving the world
Dislikes The Cluster, Smytus, blasting uncontrollably

Relationship information

Love interests None
Family Nora Wakeman (creator/mother)
XJ-1 (early prototypes/sister), XJ-3, XJ-4 , XJ-5, XJ-6, XJ-7, XJ-8, XJ-9 (later sisters)
Wisteria Wakeman (aunt)
Glenn Wakeman (cousin)
Friends Brad Carbunkle, Tuck Carbunkle
Enemies Smytus
Dr. Locus
The Cluster

Production information

First appearance "Sibling Tsunami"
Last appearance "Turncoats"
Voiced by: Unknown

Prototype Model Unit XJ-2 is an XJ prototype robot that works as some sort of a ray gun. Her biggest defect is that she suffers from uncontrollable hiccups and accidentally shoots plasma beams out of her nozzle-like mouth.



  • XJ-2 does not talk, but indistinctly utters the word "hiccup!" when she shoots out her rays.
    • Her voice actor is unnamed in the credits, even though XJ-2 does speak this one word.
  • She is reminded by Dr. Wakeman in Sister Sledgehammer to hold her breath so she can control her ray blasts, but this only causes her to backfire (explosively fire her laser from the back).