Prototype Model Unit XJ-4
XJ-4 Teen



Physical Information

Age 5
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye color Black
Hair color N/A
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Superheroine
Nicknames N/A
Likes The XJ-Sisters, cleaning/making sure everything is clean, fighting against villains
Dislikes Villains, uncleanliness

Relationship information

Love interests
Family XJ-1 (younger sister)
XJ-2 (younger sister)
XJ-3 (younger sister)
XJ-5 (older sister)
XJ-6 (older sister)
XJ-7 (older sister)
XJ-8 (older sister)
XJ-9 (older sister)
Friends Jenny
Enemies Dr. Locus

Production information

First appearance Sibling Tsunami
Last appearance Turncoats
Voiced by: Kath Soucie
Prototype Model Unit XJ-4 is the 4th sister of Jenny.

Appearance and Personality

XJ-4 has a mostly lavender and white color scheme. While she has only one 'leg', which allows her to move with the help of a wheel, she possesses four arms. Each has two fingers, and these arms aid in her goal to retain neatness, as she can grabbily multitask quite well with them. She has three antennae, two on the left and right of the top of her head, and a longer one in the middle. This longer antenna has a bow tied to the middle of it.

Built assumingly for cleaning and multitasking, XJ-4 is incredibly devoted to making sure everything is perfectly clean, even to the point of chiding other characters for messes they can't possibly help but create. She has proven to always be there for her sisters, and especially tends to XJ-1.


XJ-4 can produce many, perhaps all, types of cleaning utensils and products. Along with this, she can also work with the other XJ Series robots to create various structures and weapons. She sometimes prefer using cleaning utensils instead of weapons


  • Jenny calls her a neat freak.
  • It's arguably plausible that XJ-4's tube arms concept was incorporated into XJ-9's design.
  • Near the end of the episode Turncoats, she asks about if she'll have the ability to spray Scrubbing Bubbles. This is a reference to the trademark bathroom cleaner.
  • She is the oddball of her sisters in terms of her overall design as XJ-1 to 3 and 5 to 9 follow a similar design scheme: A Blue/Aquamarine & White color pattern, pigtails, and/or an upper body consisting of a "tank top and a mini-skirt".

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