Prototype Model Unit XJ-6
Teenage Robot XJ-6

Physical Information

Age Unknown (Older than XJ-9)
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Superhero/crime fighter (When awake)
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Likes Helping people, saving the world, attention
Dislikes The Cluster, Smytus, not getting all the attention

Relationship information

Love interests {{{relationships}}}
Family Nora Wakeman (creator/mother)
XJ-1, XJ-2 XJ-3, XJ-4, XJ-5 (early prototypes/sisters), XJ-7, XJ-8, XJ-9 (later sisters)
Wisteria Wakeman (aunt)
Glenn Wakeman (cousin)
Friends Brad Carbunkle, Tuck Carbunkle
Enemies Smytus, The Cluster

Production information

First appearance "Sibling Tsunami"
Last appearance "Turncoats"
Voiced by: Candi Milo

XJ-6 (to Jenny): "Well, if it isn't Mother's favorite!"

Jenny (to XJ-6): "Alright, XJ-6, who's controlling you?"

XJ-6 (to Jenny): "Oh, why do you want to know? So you can stop it and save the day? Is always XJ-9 the big hero? And what are the rest of us? Chopped leavers?

-XJ-6 expressing her jealously about Jenny on "Turncoats".

Prototype Model Unit XJ-6 is one of the XJ robots sisters created by Nora Wakeman.

Physical Appearance

She has green pigtails, quite similar to Jenny's, except straighter, is missing her other arm, a screen-like head with one eye and mouth, which resemble the hospital kind, and three insect-like legs.


XJ-6 is often subject to dishonesty, as she gets jealous when things happen to others, especially Jenny, seeing as she is the one saving Tremorton instead of her and her earlier sisters. This has been mostly demonstrated in Turncoats. She is even upset when bad things happen to those other than herself, as shown in Sister Sledgehammer, when she was not the first to be absorbed by the Cluster-possessed Jenny.


Sibling Tsunami (Her First Appearance). She was discovered by Jenny in a secret room when she wanted a sibling like Brad

Sister Sledgehammer. She had to rescue Jenny from the Cluster, along with the rest of her sisters, but XJ-6 became the third to be absorbed by the Cluster-possessed Jenny (which she questioned "What? I'm not good enough to be absorbed first?") but is later freed.

Agent 00-Sheldon (No Lines). She was one of the robots captured whom Sheldon had to rescue during his mission.

Escape from Cluster Prime (Brief Cameo)

Labor Day (Brief Cameo)

Turncoats. She was controlled into destroying her creator.


  • XJ-6's personality and design are a reference to Shakespeare's quote: "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock..."

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