Prototype Model Unit XJ-8

Physical Information

Age She is younger than XJ-9 & she is older than XJs 1-7.
Gender Female
Species Robot
Eye color White
Hair color Navy
Weight {{{weight}}}
Height {{{height}}}

Basic information

Residence Tremorton
Occupation Superheroine
Likes The XJ-Sisters
her brute strength
fighting against villains
Dislikes Villains

Relationship information

Love interests
Family XJ-1
XJ-7 (younger sisters)
XJ-9 (older sister)
Friends Jenny
Enemies Dr. Locus

Production information

First appearance Sibling Tsunami
Last appearance Turncoats
Voiced by: Audrey Wasilewski

Prototype Model Unit XJ-8 is one of the XJ robot sisters built by Nora Wakeman. She is voiced by Audrey Wasilewski.

Physical Appearance

She is the largest out of the nine XJ-series robots. Resembling a large, bulky, darker blue version of XJ-7 with two belly bolts, small pigtails, and a non-expressive face.


XJ-8 is a bit of a tomboy. She prefers using her brute strength, over weapons and strategy. She also was Jenny's date to the Fake Prom in There's No Place Like Home School.


Sibling Tsunami (Her first appearance)

Sister Sledgehammer (She was the last XJ robot to be absorbed by the Cluster-possesed Jenny but is later freed)

Agent 00-Sheldon (No Lines)

Escape from Cluster Prime (Brief Cameo)

There's No Place Like Home School (Brief Appearance)

Labor Day (Brief Cameo)

Turncoats (She was controlled into destroy her creator by the evil Dr. Locus but is later free from the control)


  • She is the strongest of the XJ sisters due to her brute strength. however, her reliance on it is what puts her below Jenny.
  • It is likely that Dr. Wakeman turns her on from time to time judging by her appearance in There's No Place Like Homeschool.
  • She is closest to age with Jenny but still believes she is the older sister because of her size (Contrary to what Jenny says, XJ-8 is technically older than she is, seeing as she was build before Jenny. however, she is also technically younger than the rest of the XJ series).
  • Wakeman had to make XJ-8 stronger because she had to take most of Jenny's super strength out to make room for her teenage adaption. Accoring her, XJ-9 was made weaker than XJ-8 because she was so strong that there's was no space on her personality for having teenage weaknesses or humor sense.
  • Because she's been off for a long time she has had a hard time adapting to human cultures this is shown when she tried to harm a little girl for attacking a paper pig and blew up the pinata when she was asked to break it.
  • She is a taller, muscular, bulky version of XJ-9. 
  • She does show emotion. From time to time, emotions are mostly shown in her eyes.
  • Jenny called her a thug.

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