XJ sisters


Jenny is the IX android of the XJ android series, but when she discovers something downstairs in the basement, she finally realizes she has the XJ-Sisters, which are actually prototypes. Jenny is referred to as the second-oldest sister, despite being made as the ninth model. As the idea of XJ-X was conceived from Jenny and each of her sisters, she is the oldest in that sense.

The XJ-Sisters make their first appearances in the Season 1 episode, "Sibling Tsunami", and go on to appear in "Sister Sledgehammer", "Agent 00' Sheldon" and "Escape from Cluster Prime" (mostly cameo), and notably "Turncoats." (XJ-VII also appears briefly in "There's No Place Like Home School").

In "A Robot For All Seasons," Nora Wakeman was seen making plans for an XJ-X after Jenny was believed to have gone renegade due to falling under the control of Todd Sweeney.

List of Robots


  • Nora Wakeman built each of the XJ-Sisters to replace Armaggedroid due to him going rogue.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot is the first Nickelodeon animated show to feature a large amount of sisters in the main character's family, the second being the Loud House featuring a larger amount.
  • In the Russian version of season III, XJ-IV, XJ-VI, XJ-VII and XJ-VIII were all voiced by a male actor.


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