XJ sisters


Jenny is the IX android of the XJ android series, but when she discovers something downstairs in the basement, she finally realizes she has the XJ-Sisters, which are actually prototypes. Jenny is referred to as the eldest sister, despite being made as the ninth model. In regards to maturity and responsibility, Jenny represents the older sister in that sense.

The XJ-Sisters make their first appearances in the Season 1 episode, "Sibling Tsunami", and go on to appear in "Sister Sledgehammer", "Agent 00' Sheldon" and "Escape from Cluster Prime" (mostly cameo), and notably "Turncoats." (XJ-VII also appears briefly in "There's No Place Like Home School").

In "A Robot For All Seasons," Nora Wakeman was seen designing plans for an XJ-X after Jenny was believed to have gone renegade due to falling under the control of Todd Sweeney. However, XJ-X was never actually created.

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  • Nora Wakeman built each of the XJ-Sisters to replace Armaggedroid due to him going rogue.
  • My Life as a Teenage Robot is the first Nickelodeon animated show to feature a large amount of sisters in the main character's family, the second being the Loud House featuring a larger amount.
  • In the Russian version of season III, XJ-IV, XJ-VI, XJ-VII, and XJ-VIII were all voiced by a male actor.